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1m OM4 LC LC Fibre Optic Network Cable 50/125

1m OM4 LC LC Fibre Optic Network Cable 50/125

1m OM4 fibre optic network cable, LC to LC connectors, aqua colour low smoke zero halogen jacket with 50um fibre core and 125um cladding. The OM4 range of fibre network cables offer a higher bandwidth and greater distance over OM3 cables.


• LC - LC Connectors
• 50um core, 125um cladding
• Duplex
• Multi-mode
• OM4
• Supports 10Gb
• Length 1 Meter
• Aqua LSZH jacket
• Insertion Loss 0.3dB
• Diameter 3.0mm
• Bend radius: 60mm
• Operating temperature : -20 - 60 deg C

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