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1m OM1 Fibre Optic Cable SC-SC 62.5/125

1m OM1 Fibre Optic Cable SC-SC 62.5/125

1m OM1 SC to SC fibre optic network cable, SC to SC connectors, grey low smoke zero halogen jacket with 62.5µm fibre core and 125µm cladding.


• SC - SC Connectors
• 62.5µm core, 125µm cladding
• Duplex
• Multi-mode
• OM1
• Supports 10Gb
• Length 1 Meter
• Grey LSZH jacket
• Insertion Loss 0.3dB
• Diameter 3.0mm
• Bend radius: 60mm
• Operating temperature : -20 - 60°C

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