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Cable Accessories > Notebook Accessories > FireWire 360 Degree Adapter 6 Pin Female to 6 Pin Male

FireWire 360 Degree Adapter 6 Pin Female to 6 Pin Male - Lindy 70399

FireWire 360 Degree Adapter 6 Pin Female to 6 Pin Male
The 360° FireWire adapter has been designed to provide greater flexibility when connecting FireWire cables and peripherals to your Mac, Notebook, PC or hub. The FireWire adapter features a clever 360° swivelling and rotating connector which can be rotated through almost any angle, allowing you to connect your FireWire cables to even the most obscurely placed ports.

  • Adjustable 360° adapter for use with FireWire cables and peripherals
  • Swivel and rotate action allows you to connect to devices without obstructing adjacent ports
  • Connectors: FireWire 6 Pin Female to FireWire 6 Pin Male
  • Supports FireWire 400 devices

Other 360 Degree Adapters are also available:
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