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Adjustable Notebook Cooler - Lindy 40506

Adjustable Notebook Cooler
As the power of notebook and netbook computers increases during use so does the heat they generate. This can be very troublesome for the user and have a serious impact on the performance and lifetime of the computer.

The LINDY Adjustable Notebook Cooler provides essential cooling for most 7-15" notebooks. It features a single 2300 RPM fan which runs at just 23dBA to cool your computer helping make sure it does not over heat and become uncomfortable for the user. The compact and portable design has two adjustable arms that allow the fan to be positioned in the optimum location and to fold away when not in use making it the perfect accessory for commuters and travellers.

  • Bus powered via the integrated USB cable
  • Two adjustable arms allow the optimum positioning of the fan for active cooling
  • Allows a free flow of air underneath the notebook for additional passive cooling and heat dissipation
  • Adjustable rubber pads hold the notebook securely
  • Tilt level can be changed using fold out feet
  • Single 2300 R.P.M fan
  • Quiet operation ≤ 20dBA
  • Very compact light and portable design
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