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VGA + Audio In-line Adapter - Lindy 35500

VGA + Audio In-line Adapter
The LINDY VGA + Audio In-line Adapter allows you to combine both VGA and stereo audio signals over a single VGA cable. The transmitter unit connects to your VGA and audio source, the receiver unit connects to your VGA display and stereo speakers. For the best possible performance we recommend the use of LINDY Premium Gold VGA male to male, or male to female cables.

  • Compact design
  • Combines VGA and Audio signals over a single VGA Cable
  • Supports stereo audio input and output via 3.5mm stereo jack sockets
  • Requires VGA cables with all pins connected to make the connections between the transmitter and receiver
  • 10 Year warranty

Note: VGA and Audio cables will need to be purchased to connect the VGA + Audio adapter
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