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Sharing Converting Extending > Auto Switches (Video/Serial/Parallel) > Bi-Directional Parallel Mini Auto Switch 4 to 1

Bi-Directional Parallel Mini Auto Switch 4 to 1 - Lindy 32644

Bi-Directional Parallel Mini Auto Switch 4 to 1
The Bi-Directional Auto Parallel Switch allows 4 PCs share one parallel printer. Simply attach the computers and the printer to the Auto Parallel 4>1 Switch and print normally. The bi-directional capable mode allows you to take advantage of enhanced parallel port features such as bi-directional communications and higher data throughput.

  • Bi-directional IEEE1284 Auto Switch
  • Supports IEEE1284 Nibble mode
  • Four computers to one printer
  • Input Selection: Auto/Manual
  • Auto mode: First come first serve
  • End of File Time Out Select Switch: Release Time Out Transmission: 0.5, 10, 15 sec.
  • Non powered - no external power supply required
  • Power Jack: DC 9V, 100mA (optional)
  • Connectors: 5 x 25 Way D Female
  • Compatible with Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Bi-Directional Parallel Mini Auto Switch 4 to 1


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