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Tool Kits
Precision Screwdriver Set Precision Screwdriver Set 43011 3491 £3.41
Lindy 43011 3 x Philips drivers: #00 x 20mm #0 x 20mm #1 x 20mm 3 x Flathead drivers: 1.4mm x 20mm 1.8mm x 20mm 2.4mm x 20mm
Precision Torx Set Precision Torx Set 43012 1407 £3.85
Lindy 43012 5 x Torx bits: T6 x 20mm T7 x 20mm T8 x 20mm T9 x 20mm T10 x 20mm
Professional Screwdriver Set Professional Screwdriver Set 43013 No £8.08
Lindy 43013 3 x Philips drivers: #00 x 50mm #0 x 50mm #1 x 50mm 4 x Flathead drivers: 1.6mm x 50mm 2.0mm x 50mm 2.4mm x 50mm 3.0mm x 50mm
Professional Torx Set - Tamper Proof Professional Torx Set - Tamper Proof 43015 No £8.08
Lindy 43015 6 x tamper proof Torx bits: T7H x 50mm T8H x 50mm T9H x 50mm T10H x 50mm T15H x 50mm T20H x 50mm
12 Pcs Precision Screwdriver Set 12 Pcs Precision Screwdriver Set 43021 No £8.98
Lindy 43021 3 x Philips drivers: #000 #00 #0 3 x Flathead drivers: 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 6 x Torx drivers: T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 Supplied in a neat black P...
30 Pcs Precision Screwdriver Set 30 Pcs Precision Screwdriver Set 43020 145 £15.29
Lindy 43020 4 x Philips drivers: PH000 PH00 PH0 PH1 2 x Pozidriv drivers: PZ0 PZ1 7 x Slot drivers: 1mm 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 3.5mm 4mm 8 x Hex driv...
Compact Service Kit Compact Service Kit 43041 No £16.18
Lindy 43041 Flathead driver: 3.17mm, 4.76mm Philips drivers: #0, #1 Female bits: 4.76mm, 6.35mm Torx bits: T-10 and T-15 IC extractor 8-16 pins Assembly tweezers 3 claw parts holder Spare...
Precision Service Kit Precision Service Kit 43016 22 £47.49
Lindy 43016 4½" Side Cutters 4½" Thin Cutting Edge Side Cutters 5½" Long Nose Pliers with 45º angle 5½" Flat Nose Assembley Pliers 5½&qu...
Premium Tool Kit Premium Tool Kit 43042 No £94.98
Lindy 43042 Designed for computer engineers and network technicians, this high-quality 34 piece tool kit features a wide selection of essential tools. The kit is supplied in a robust vinyl hard case which feat...


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