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Network Tools
110 IDC Punchdown Tool 110 IDC Punchdown Tool 43222 No £2.68
Lindy 43222 Built-in cable stripper
Professional IDC Punchdown Tool Professional IDC Punchdown Tool 43211 12 £8.98
Lindy 43211 Professional high quality steel termination tool Multi-purpose cutter for common telecom and network cable types Built in Hook and Unlocking Blades for easy removal of connection blocks from...
RJ-45 Crimp Tool RJ-45 Crimp Tool 43208 No £13.03
Lindy 43208 Crimp tool for 8 Way RJ-45 type connectors Integral cable cutter and stripper
RJ-11 BT Plug Crimp Tool RJ-11 BT Plug Crimp Tool 40197 No £28.48
Lindy 40197 Crimp tool for RJ-11 or BT crimp plugs Integral cable cutter and stripper
LAN and USB Cable Tester LAN and USB Cable Tester 43009 No £42.75
Lindy 43009 This cable tester is a compact, palm sized unit for testing USB and network cables. It can be used to read and check the pin-out configuration of cables before and after installation. A separate pa...
Combo Crimp Tool Combo Crimp Tool 43216 8 £63.17
Lindy 43216 For use with RJ-11, RJ-12, RJ-45 and DEC crimp plugs Integral cable cutter/stripper
4-in-1 Crimp  Cable Tester Tool 4-in-1 Crimp Cable Tester Tool 43206 No £104.49
Lindy 43206 The LINDY 4-in-1 Crimp and Cable Tester Tool enables network professionals to easily terminate and test network cables for wiring continuity open shorts and mis-wires. A single button push tests a ...

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RJ-11 Bulk Cable 100m
Our Price: £18.89 inc VAT


19 Inch CAT5e 2U 32 Port RJ-45 Patch Panel Unshielded Black
Our Price: £66.48 inc VAT


CAT6 UTP Solid 8 Core (4 Pair) Cable LS0H Grey 305m
Our Price: £118.74 inc VAT