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Mice Hardware And Security

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Mouse Holder Beige Mouse Holder Beige 40171 151 £1.78
Lindy 40171 Helps keep your desk tidy and your computer mouse out of harms way when not in use Comes complete with large self-stick pad for permanent fixing to any adjacent surface (e.g. CPU monitor wall e...
Mouse Pad With Gel Wrist Rest Mouse Pad With Gel Wrist Rest 40216 136 £6.74
Lindy 40216 Working on your computer all day, or surfing the web all night, can result in excessive pressure on your wrists. Over time this can cause pain and discomfort in your wrist and arms. To help p...
Optical Mouse USB  PS2 Black Optical Mouse USB PS2 Black 20586 No £8.98
Lindy 20586 Plug and Play installation 2 buttons with scroll wheel click function Optical sensor with 800 1200 or 1600dpi adjustable resolution - default 800dpi USB and PS/2 compatible - PS/2 adapter...
5 Button USB Optical Mouse Grey 5 Button USB Optical Mouse Grey 20588 No £14.29
Lindy 20588 Speed up repetitive tasks 5 buttons Optical laser sensor with adjustable resolution control to 10001600 or 2200dpi Scroll wheel with click function for easy navigation and zoom in large d...
Wireless Folding Travel Mouse Black Wireless Folding Travel Mouse Black 20589 No £15.28
Lindy 20589 3 button folding mouse with scroll wheel Folds down to just 60% of its original size making it easy to carry and store Plug and Play installation Compact ergonomic and lightweight design ...
Mouse - Gyro Mouse Mouse - Gyro Mouse 20579 No £47.48
Lindy 20579 This advanced Gyro Air Mouse allows you to operate your computer using 3D gestures in the air at a range of up to 10m. Thanks to its double axis gyro motion sensing technology you can freely contro...

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