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Firewire Hub Firewire Cables

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Firewire Hub
6 Port FireWire Repeater Hub 6 Port FireWire Repeater Hub 32916 59 £61.74
Lindy 32916 Hot swap FireWire devices such as DV camcorders and PC peripherals Transfer data at high FireWire speeds up to 400Mbit/sec and 30 times faster than the USB bandwidth Supports 63 devices on o...
3 Port FireWire 800 Repeater Hub 3 Port FireWire 800 Repeater Hub 32911 99 £80.73
Lindy 32911 This high speed hub allows you to connect two FireWire peripherals to your computer at extended distances of up to 4.5m. It features 3 bilingual IEEE1394b ports which can support either FireWire 80...


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PS 2 Keyboard or Mouse Cable 3m
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