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DVI Extender DVI Cables

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DVI Extender
EDIDDDC Adapter for DVI Displays EDIDDDC Adapter for DVI Displays 32102 71 £23.71
Lindy 32102 Continuously emulates EDID/DDC information Uses cloned data or when this is not available the stored preset screen resolutions Supports Dual Page DDC Powered via your computer's graphics ...
DVI Repeater  Extender 80m DVI Repeater Extender 80m 32667 No £33.23
Lindy 32667 Allows DVI-D signals to be transmitted at distances of up to 80m using LINDY DVI Super Long Distance cables Supports resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 and HDTV 1080p HDCP signal support ...
EDIDDDC Emulator Programmer for VGADVI Displays EDIDDDC Emulator Programmer for VGADVI Displays 32100 17 £56.98
Lindy 32100 Simple EDID/DDC cloning device Clones EDID/DDC data from VGA/DVI (using VGA / DVI Adapters) displays Writes cloned EDID/DDC data to LINDY VGA EDID/DDC Adapters or LINDY DVI EDID/DDC Ad...


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